Versa Twin / Micro Jumbo Rolls

Versa Twin / Micro Jumbo Rolls

Never run out of paper with our Twin Roll Micro Jumbo System and eliminate the situation where you replace the roll “just in case” it runs out.

Micro Jumbo (versa twin style) Toilet Rolls fit into Versatwin plastic dispensers that takes two rolls side by side.

Our compact twin roll micro jumbo system ensures paper availability at all times as the dispenser does not allow access to the second roll until the first roll is finished. As one roll is used up, a slide can be moved across allowing the next roll to be started

When the dispensers are replenished simply move the started roll to the front and put a new roll in the rear.  This means there are no “end of roll” waste giving great cost savings.

Our  Micro 2-ply toilet rolls are ideal for use in busy environments. A very economical solution for high usage areas.

These toilet rolls are available in 2-ply white tissue in 100m rolls and 24 rolls to a case

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